Full-color Touchscreen Display

The TR5500i Interactive treadmill is equipped with a vibrant 10” full-color touchscreen display which provides users with over 50 training programs, races, and tests, paired with high-quality components to give you sophisticated training tools with the strength and power to go the distance.

Customize your dashboard with three different themes, optimized for your personal training style.

Built to provide commercial quality at an at-home value, the 4.0 HP DC motor produces a heart-pounding running speed of 13.5 mph. The TR5500i is also equipped with the patented EZFold ™ technology to allow for easy storage after a workout.

Sync your exercise results with Bluetooth, charge your phone, and hear your music through the Bluetooth speakers, all at the same time!

More details and specifications in theTR5500i TearSheet