PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

The PhysioMill rehabilitation treadmill has a heavy-duty 4 HP Hi-Torque DC Servo motor specifically designed to offer a true zero start with .10 mph increments for patients up to 500 lbs., and speeds up to 15 mph.

The extremely versatile PhysioMill rehabilitation treadmill has a reverse belt mode with 15 percent elevation allowing for downhill negative walking.

The 500 lb. weight capacity and the 21” x 63” walking belt allows the PhysioMill to be used in a variety of clinical settings such as Neurological, Orthopedic, Sports Medicine, Cardiac Rehab, Bariatrics, and Pediatrics.

The PhysioMill rehabilitation treadmill comes standard with: short handrails, dual emergency stop buttons, handheld remote start/stop/pause, orthopedic walking belt, and contact heart rate monitor.