Independent Bi-Directional Upper-Body Ergometer and Recumbent Bike Total Body Trainer

The PhysioMax’s independent arm and leg motions allow users to work their upper body and lower body independently from each other.

The resistance on the PhysioMax is bi-directional and can be adjusted providing versatility for any application. It features a walk-through design with a removable seat for wheelchair access. The oversized seat swivels in order to accommodate users with low mobility.

The PhysioMax is equipped with adjustable hand cranks, pedals, as well as an adjustable UBE arm which can be raised or lowered for variable arm positions. The large 9″ LCD console has preset programs and displays speed, time, distance, heart rate, RPM, Watts METS, and calories burned all in one convenient location. 

PhysioMax Upper-Body Ergometer and Recumbent Bike